The Architektengruppe U-Bahn, "AGU", was founded in 1970 by the winners of the competition to build the U-Bahn-Line 1, "U1", in Vienna, Austria. The founders, Heinz Marschalek, Georg Ladstätter, Bert Gantar and Wilhelm Holzbauer, created a design concept that went far beyond decorating engineering buildings and had a significant influence on the engineering planning. The comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach and knowledge of civil engineering, railway construction and other fields have shaped the work of AGU since then.
From the very beginning, AGU has been active internationally and has planned and advised countless projects on three different continents.
The AGU has planned over one hundered station structures since 1973, of which 74 stations have been built so far.
In addition to station buildings; superstructures of traffic bands, bridges and surface structures have established themselves as AGU's main fields of work. Our 50 years of expertise are characterized by detailed know-how with regard to construction, application and maintenance of traffic structures.

In 2004 the office was converted into a civil engineer GmbH. Until 2020 Heinz Marschalek has been the managing director. In 2013, Andreas Jerabek and Gorana Krajnovic became partners. In 2019 Serge Bukor and Xaver Marschalek acquired shares in the company.

Andrea Jerabek and Xaver Marschalek have been the managing directors of the AGU since 2019.